Sedation dentistry aids patients with stress, fear and anxiety associated with Dental Treatment to relax during their dental visit. Sedation dentistry is an excellent choice for anyone that has a severe gag reflex, is claustrophobic, or has panic attacks.

Our office offers two options for sedation; Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation and Oral Conscious Sedation. With Nitrous Oxide ("laughing gas") the patient will experience a degree of relaxation and amnesia during the dental treatment while remaining conscious. This type of sedation works well for people with mild to moderate anxiety and effective in children during dental treatment who have dental anxiety or lots of treatment to complete in one sitting.

The second option for patients with more acute anxiety would be Oral Sedation. Oral Sedation is administered prior to the dental treatment with the use of a moderate sedative. It is not uncommon for the patient to fall asleep during treatment and there is some degree of amnesia associated with this course of treatment.

To assess whether sedation is right for you, all patients must be evaluated by the dentist prior to scheduling treatment and are required to disclose current medications, any medical conditions, as well as past and present drug use to the dentist.